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Early Childhood Education Orientation Course

Early Childhood Education Orientation Course is a non-credit course that reviews aspects of early childhood development and the role of the caregiver. This course is funded by the Government of Alberta with no cost to the participant.

The Orientation Course consists of 18 Sessions covering a range of topics such as observations, providing for play, and guiding behavior as these ideas relate to working with young children in a child care setting.


The Government of Alberta has legislated training requirements for child care program employees. Primary staff are required to possess a Level 1 - Early Childhood Educator Qualification Certificate.

Provincial Certification Information Am I Eligible? Course Outline

The Early Childhood Education Orientation Course trusts in the integrity of the student to be honest while taking the online course and exams. No student shall submit the words, ideas or writing of another person as the student's own in any required exercises, assignments and exams. A student who enrolls in the course will not distribute or share assignments or provide answers to other students enrolled in the course.

When taking the Orientation course, it's important to acknowledge that plagiarism or any kind of cheating is not allowed. A student caught cheating or plagiarising may face consequences ranging from a failing grade on the assignment to suspension from all courses.

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The Government of Alberta
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