Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions

What is Distance Delivery?

The Early Childhood Education Orientation is available in an online format that allows learners to complete the Orientation Course without attending formal classes.

The online course and course materials are delivered and administered through the internet by accessing your learner portal.

Learners in the Early Childhood Education Orientation must have access to a computer with internet access (high-speed access is preferred).

The use of mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets is discouraged as the format and delivery of course materials may be affected.

Who is eligible to take the Orientation Course?

To take the Early Childhood Education Orientation Course, applicant MUST be at least 16 years of age and be a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident Card Holder, or a Work/Student Visa holder, and legally residing in Alberta.

Work permit conditions such as those that state 'not eligible to work in childcare' are ineligible for the Early Childhood Education Orientation Course.

How long will it take to complete the online course?

This course will take approximately 54 hours to complete. Learners can expect to spend approximately 3 hours working on each Session. This time includes:

  • Reviewing learning materials online (including reading articles and watching videos) and completing learning activities online.
  • Marking timelines and resubmissions

Sessions can be completed in multiple sittings. Participants can access the online course and the exams 24 hours a day, 7 days week from any computer with internet access.

Is there any support available for learners?

The course is designed for independent online learning but support is available by phone or email during business operation times; Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm, excluding statutory holidays or operational closures.

How do learners register?
To take the online course, learners can signup on this website.

Program Process

What happens after I register?
  1. To take the online course, participants can signup on this website. You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail address. Registration is not complete until you have verified your e-mail address.
  2. We will verify your residency status. This process takes between 2-3 business days.
  3. Once all your information has been verified, you will receive an email indicating that you now have access to the course.
  4. Log in with your e-mail address and the password you created when you registered and begin the course by going to the Course Access tab.
  5. Once all exercises, assignments, and forum questions are marked as passed, the test will be available.
What happens after I complete and pass all 18 tests?

Your Letter of Completion will be available on the Completion Status page. Please follow the instructions on how to apply for certification. The certificate is issued by Alberta Children and Family Services at the Early Childhood Educator Certification office. Please check their website for more information at Early Childhood Educator Certification or contact the certification office at or at 780.422.1119/ Toll Free: 1.800.661.9754 to follow up after you have sent in your certification. Please note: current certification application processing time is 4 to 6 weeks.

BaseCorp is not responsible for Early Childhood Educator certification and any questions regarding the certification process and timelines, or the status of your application must be directed to the Early Childhood Educator Certification office.

General Administration

How long do learners have to complete the program?
The online Orientation Course must be completed within twenty-five (25) weeks of the start date. This start date begins when access to the course is granted. Your first four sessions must be completed within 5 weeks from your official start date. The rest of the sessions must be completed before your course access expires. If you are unable to complete the first four sessions within the time limit you will be required to re-register, with a new email address, and start the course again.
Who should a learner notify regarding a change of address?
Participants can make the change online, or advise their instructor.


Is there a fee to take the Orientation Course?
No. The Orientation Course is fully funded by Alberta Children and Family Services.


Do the exams have to be proctored?
No, exams are completed online. Learners are unable to access the course content once they have entered the exam environment.
When will a learner have access to the tests?
Tests will not be available until session assignments have been marked as passed.
Does the learner receive a passing score?
Learners will receive their results within a few moments of submitting an exam. If the learner is successful at achieving a passing grade of 60% the session will be complete. If the learner is unsuccessful at receiving a passing grade the learner will have access up to three session exam attempts.
After failing an exam, can a learner re-write?
Yes, you have three attempts to pass the test for each session.
When participants re-write, do they get a different exam?
How many items (questions) are on the exam?
Each exam has 10 questions.
What is the passing score?
Passing score is 60%

Web Based Delivery

When writing the exam, can a learner review their answers and make changes to their selections?
Yes, as long as they haven't already exited the program.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
You may retrieve your password by using the Forgot Your Password Form.
Is there a time limit in which the learner must complete the whole program before the password expires?
Yes; 180 days.
Is there a time limit on the exams?
Yes; 20 minutes.
Are transcripts of the videos available?
Yes, transcripts of the videos are available by request for hearing impaired learners. If you require a copy, please send an email to
Are there any specific computer software requirements needed to run the program online?
System Requirements
- Latest version of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari
- Adobe Acrobat Reader, free download
- Headset or Speakers
- High speed internet is recommended

Plagiarism and Cheating Policy

What is the Plagiarism and Cheating Policy?

The Alberta Early Childhood Education Orientation trusts in the integrity of the student to be honest while taking the online course and exams. No student shall submit the words, ideas or writing of another person or publication as the student's own in any required exercises, assignments, and exams. A student who enrolls in the course will not distribute or share assignments or provide answers to other students enrolled in the course.

When taking the Orientation course, its important to acknowledge that plagiarism and other methods of cheating are not permitted. A student using online tutoring services or uploading Basecorp's materials (screenshots, photos, etc.) will face immediate termination from the course. A student caught cheating, or plagiarizing may face disciplinary action with consequences ranging from a failing grade on the assignment to suspension from the program.

Please click here for Basecorp's Plagiarism & Cheating Policy and Procedure.

What happens when I receive a 'Plagiarism Warning'?

A warning and failed assignment notice will be issued through email for a second offence when a student has been found to have plagiarized an assignment in the course. At this time, all submitted assignments will be marked for review.

What happens when I receive a 'Course Removal'?
When a student plagiarizes for a second time after receiving a warning a removal letter will be sent by email and the student will be removed from the course. Please note, all decisions regarding course removal are final and reenrollment is not permitted.